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Half Tuition for Familes who Serve.

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CARES Act Funds Available for McMurry Students

McMurry University has limited CARES Act funds to directly support current students. If COVID-19 has impacted you and your family, please let us know by emailing us at financialaid@mcm.edu providing an update on your current financial situation.



McMurry Community Commitment


Service above self is the DNA of McMurry University. For those students and families who are dedicating their lives to serving others, we thank you. Our commitment to those who serve is simple, if you or an immediate family member is employed full-time in public service, non-profit, healthcare, education or public safety or military, we'll cover at minimum half your tuition at McMurry. McMurry University is the place to train for a life of service.

The McMurry University Financial Aid Office is here to serve students by offering financial aid packages that represent the best and most equitable awards possible. Several factors contribute to the need-based financial aid that a student receives, including the information submitted by the student and family, the date when the financial aid process is completed, student academic performance, and the availability of funds.

This page includes links to information about scholarships, financial aid steps and checklists, cost, and more.

FAFSA Information

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a free form that the Financial Aid Office will use to determine a student’s eligibility for federal, state, and some institutional financial aid, including grants, loans, and work-study programs. The FAFSA will open on October 1st of a student’s senior year, and we encourage students to submit the form by March 15th. The earlier we receive your FAFSA, the more likely we’ll be able to offer you the best possible package! McMurry’s school code when submitting the FAFSA is 003591 .

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If you have any questions about the financial aid process, the FAFSA, or special circumstances with your unique situation, please contact us in the Financial Aid Office. If you have already begun the financial aid process at McMurry, you may also log in to your online Financial Aid account, NetPartner, to view your awards, see a list of your financial aid documents, and more.




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