Estimated Direct Cost

Full-time students are charged a block tuition rate and may take 12 to 18 semester hours without affecting the cost of tuition. Students must have the approval of the Vice President of Academic Affairs to take more than 18 hours a semester. 

Typical estimated costs for a student enrolled full-time in an on-campus program at McMurry are below. To see costs for fully online programs, please see our online pages here.

  2022-2023 Academic Year
Tuition $29,972
Freshman Orientation Fee (Fall Only) $210
Student Activity Fee $90
Health Fee $150
Housing & Meals $8,892



*Direct costs are those charged directly to a student's account.

*Books may be charged to the student account at the McMurry Bookstore. Estimated annual bookstore charges are $1200.

*Indirect Costs that are additional personal costs that may be incurred while attending the University and are not charged to the student. Total indirect costs per year are estimated at $5,136. This includes transportation, personal costs, and average loan fees.

McMurry charges tuition at a block rate per academic year(fall & spring), for students taking 12 or more hours per semester.

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