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In order to apply for the parent’s Plus Loan log in using the FSA ID that was created to complete the FAFSA.  Please note that while the website to complete the FAFSA and the website to complete the PLUS loan application are different, they are both Department of Education websites.  If you have problems with your FSA ID or creating an account please call the 800 listed for help. 

Once you have logged in, you will select “Apply for PLUS Loan”; then on the next screen, select “Complete PLUS Request for Parents”.  Complete the loan application as directed.

A denial on this PLUS loan application will provide you with several options:

  • Do not pursue PLUS loan
    • Parent is accepting the denial.  Student will receive appropriate additional Unsubsidized Loans; which is the student’s to repay. 
    • No further action is necessary on the parent’s part.
  • Pursue Endorser
    • Parent is denied, but going to find an endorser (co-signer)
    • Student will not be awarded until endorser is approved.
    • Parent must complete PLUS counseling
    • Endorser must complete Endorser Addendum. (
    • Parent must sign PLUS Master Promissory Note 
    • Parent may at any time decide not to pursue the endorser and accept the denial of the PLUS loan.
      • Parent must contact McMurry Financial Aid in writing; email is fine, that the parent will no longer attempt to pursue an endorser.
  • Appeal
    • Parent will apply for an appeal, following the instructions from, based on extenuating circumstances.
      • If approved,
      • If denied,
        • Student will be awarded additional unsubsidized loan; which is his to repay.
        • No further action is required by the Parent.
  • Unsure or Don’t Know
    • Application is considered denied, and McMurry will follow the “Do Not pursue Plus Loan” option.
  • Accepted
    • Parent’s application has been accepted
    • Parent must sign PLUS loan Master Promissory Note 
    • Student will be awarded the PLUS loan in the amount requested on the application.
    • **At no time are parent’s required to take the PLUS loan, even if they are accepted.  Please contact the Financial Aid office if the parent wishes to decline the accepted PLUS loan