Satisfactory Academic Progress

The McMurry Financial Aid Office evaluates satisfactory academic progress (SAP) for each long semester: Fall, Spring and Summer. At the end of each semester we will evaluate each student to assure that they are meeting SAP prior to disbursement of financial aid for the next semester. Student records will be evaluated both quantitative (hours completed) and qualitative (cumulative grade point average). In addition, students must be making SAP toward a degree to be eligible for financial aid.

Semester Hours

Attempted Required GPA
0-32 1.60
33-48 1.80
49 and above 2.00

Points to remember

  • Remedial courses count towards SAP in the same manner as traditional courses.
  • Academic standards, although similar to financial aid, are evaluated by the Registrar’s Office and are administered separately from the Financial Aid Office. Any student placed on academic suspension will automatically be placed on financial aid suspension.
  • Students not demonstrating progress towards a degree are not eligible for financial aid. Withdrawals and excessive dropping will be monitored as this will affect SAP.
  • Some financial aid programs require a minimum GPA and enrollment status irrespective of academic progress standards. See the university catalog for additional information regarding these specific scholarships.

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Specifics

Quantitative and Qualitative Measures

Full-time enrollment for the fall and spring semesters is equal to 12 hours per semester. The summer semester is made up of the following sessions: May, Summer I, and Summer II. Full-time enrollment for the entire summer semester is equal to 12 hours. Students must enroll in at least six hours during fall, spring and summer to be eligible to receive financial aid.

Cumulative grade point average (GPA) evaluated for SAP is based on course work attempted and completed at McMurry only.

  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) evaluated for SAP is based on course work attempted and completed at McMurry only.
  • All hours, including transfer hours, will be counted to determine academic years completed.
  • The maximum time frame to complete a program cannot exceed 150% of the published length of the program.
  • For instance, a program published to take 120 hours to complete, must be completed by the student within 180 hours to receive financial aid. (120 x 1.50 = 180)  (REMEDIAL COURSES ARE INCLUDED IN THIS CALCULATION)
  • This rule applies to repeat courses as well. They will be included in the overall calculation of total hours.
  • Audited courses do not count in this calculation.
  • Double majors or change in majors are expected to complete their program within 180 hours.
  • In addition, students must complete at least 75% of all hours attempted.

Financial Aid Warning

Students whose overall GPA and completion percentage fall below the appropriate levels as identified above will be placed on financial aid warning for one long semester. Students are eligible for aid during the warning period, but must meet SAP by the end of the semester to avoid financial aid suspension. 

Financial Aid Suspension

Any student on financial aid warning, who fails to meet SAP standards at the end of the warning period or at the end of the probation period, who have not appealed, will be placed on financial aid suspension. Students on financial aid suspension are not prohibited from enrollment, but no financial aid assistance will be available. Until the SAP standards at the end of course work, a suspended student will remain ineligible for financial aid. Students receiving failing grades on all coursework will automatically be placed on financial aid suspension. Students on academic suspension are automatically placed on financial aid suspension.

Financial Aid Probation

The probationary period is the semester the student is released from financial aid suspension, either from an appeal or from meeting SAP for that semester.

Financial Aid Appeals

A student on financial aid warning or suspension may submit a written appeal to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee for reinstatement to probation or eligible status. Mitigating circumstances such as medical/health issues, serious illness or death of an immediate family member or other unusual personal circumstances may be grounds for appeal. These situations will be considered by the Appeals Committee, but the student must have met with their advisor and/or the registrar to remedy the situation and take proper steps to correct the situation in the next semester. Appeals must include the reason you were unable to meet SAP and how you plan to achieve SAP in the upcoming semesters. Appeals will not be considered without this information. A student who has been placed on academic suspension and wants to appeal both academic and financial aid suspension must specifically state that they want to appeal financial aid suspension as well as academic. See the university catalog for additional information on academic suspension and appeal.

How Coursework Effects Your SAP

Courses that are considered incomplete, withdraw, withdraw passing or withdraw failing are all considered as attempted hours when determining the percentage of completed hours towards the 75% earned requirement.

Repeat coursework can greatly affect your aid eligibility as well. If you have failed a course, dropped or withdrew from a course, you may retake it in order to improve your GPA. We highly encourage retakes of required courses toward the degree plan. Keep in mind that if you passed a course and retake it, you may only retake it one time and still be eligible for financial aid for those hours.

Remedial, enrichment and ESL classes are only allowed once and must be required in and a part of their eligible program. We may only count up to 30 hours of remedial, enrichment or ESL courses combined and still be eligible for financial aid as long as those courses are included in their program.

Audited coursework is not included in your hours and is not eligible for financial aid at McMurry University.

Transfer hours that are a part of the program at McMurry are considered in SAP hours and are included in or SAP requirements. If you have taken courses at one of our intercollegiate partners, Hardin Simmons or Abilene Christian, and they are part of your program then those hours will be counted towards the McMurry hours, GPA and SAP standards. If you change your major or course of study, only those hours that transfer to your new program/major will be included in the SAP qualification.

Regain or Restore Eligibility

For students who fall out of the SAP requirements; they will get one semester of warning as previously explained. If they do not improve the percentage of completion and GPA by the end of the following semester, they will be placed on suspension. Students have the opportunity to appeal their financial aid suspension only once during their time at McMurry! Students must improve their completion of hours and their GPA in order to continuing receiving their financial aid after a suspension and appeal. There are a couple of ways to improve your GPA and meet these SAP requirements. First of all, retaking any failed or withdrawn courses will replace those hours within your transcript. Secondly, students may take courses over the summer to improve their completed hours and GPA before the fall to be eligible for aid again in the fall.

Additional Scholarship Requirements

All merit scholarships require a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 to continue to receive them over the four years that the student is at McMurry. The other scholarships and grants require an even higher GPA to continue to receive these awards. Please see the list below to determine if your GPA requirement is higher than the regular SAP standards and the base merit aid requirement of 2.0. 

Scholarship/Grant     Minimum GPA
Presidential Scholarship     2.75
Deans Scholarship     2.00
University Scholarship     2.00
Transfer 1 Scholarship     2.30
Other Transfer Scholarships     2.00
Honors Scholarship     3.50 Cumulative/3.25 Honors
Phi Theta Kappa     3.00
Step Up Scholarship     2.50
Teach Grant     3.25


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